Why Guns and Thighs

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Why Guns and Thighs

Posted: 05/27/2017 04:07 PM IST
Why Guns and Thighs

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My only objective of foraying into the digital world is to be able to tell stories which I otherwise would have never been allowed to tell on the film screen

My first product on this platform will be 10 episodes of season 1 of 4 seasons of the Series titled GUNS and THIGHS.

The title is derived as a synonym of how Power and Sex affect the internal politics of ambition,ego and greed

The story of the entire series of GUNS and THIGHS is something I have gathered over many years with my extensive interactions with ex gangsters to encounter cops to middlemen of the underworld to victims's relatives and so on.

Some in the know might feel that I have dealt with this subject matter in my earlier films like SATYA and COMPANY but nothing could be further from the truth. That's because in those films, I barely scratched the surface of the truth of the Mafia's underbelly due to my inconclusive knowledge at that time and also due to various restrictions, but here in this series I decided to tell it the way it is.

This Series is as much intended for the international audience as how much the drug cartels of Columbia are,the Triad gangs of Hong Kong are,and not to forget the Italian and Russian mafias  too..It is also meant for the youth in India who were either not born then or were too young to register the turbulent times the city of Mumbai went through during that period.

Everybody needs to know the history of the land they live in, and I strongly believe this Series will document that very important era in the most naked way possible for those who did not witness it first hand.

Mumbai,one of the world's ten most populated cities with nearly 20 million people is also the financial capital of India, but ironically it's the heart breaking visuals of poverty that showcase most of the city.

Dharavi, the world's largest slum, the thousands of pavement dwellers, pot hole ridden roads ,buildings which look like they will collapse any minute are merely the tip of the iceberg of MUMBAI's overall poverty.

The only slivers of light, escaping this darkness of MUMBAI at that time were the once in a while occasional glow of the hidden riches of a few wealthy business companies, the extremely false glitter of the Bollywood film companies and the violently ruled Mafia companies  - it is no wonder that such a wild concoction would inevitably give rise to a volatile, but a very potent crime culture and In such a turbulent atmosphere where a few incredibly rich and millions of downright poor live right next to each other fueled by the misleading fantasies of a glamorous film world, crime is bound to prosper and as expected criminal gangs flourished in MUMBAI for decades, till they were reasonably  reigned in by the mid-2000's.

The most powerful of all the gangs to rule MUMBAI was the D COMPANY, named after its leader Dawood Ibrahim who, along with his partner Chhota Rajan, held the city in a strangle hold for a very long time.

But then a chain of events led to a dangerous split between Dawood and Rajan which broke up the D COMPANY and to seize this opportunity a lot of other gangs jumped into the fray to stake their claim for the top spot.

This created a massive outburst of criminal activities including extortion and contract killings and the resultant  gang wars created a demand for hitmen which in turn generated a lucrative business for the ever hungry recruiters of the Underworld and they got busy sourcing potential killers from the badlands of interior India.

This was also the time period which saw the heights of a never before bed hopping nexus between the Mafia, the Film people, the Cops and the Businessmen/Politicians and GUNS and THIGHS as a series will rip open that long hidden real truth.

- Press Note.

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